For a couple of decades, creating and designing our own Family has been an adventure and at any given time has included anywhere from two to nine children. Fostering kids has been the calling of a lifetime and we’ve seen some join us momentarily, and we’ve watched others grow into adulthood within our family unit. As time has unfolded, we’ve experienced many special occasions that shouldn’t be awkward – but are. How do you buy a Mother’s Day card for someone who isn’t your Mom, or do a craft at school geared towards parents that aren’t currently present? Our hearts wish to envelope children with an environment that builds hope, a future, and skills that can be used throughout their lives. Whether for a moment or a decade, every child belongs, every child matters, every child is loved.

The idea behind House of Many Design is two-fold. First, to offer an opportunity for our children to learn skills and to see their efforts rewarded through an entrepreneurial venture. The second is to offer items that aren’t easy to find, like greeting cards and t-shirts that support and encourage our kind of Family, and provide easier ways to be inclusive and thoughtful for both the children and the adults in their lives.

We hope you find not only products to purchase, but hope and joy in the process! 

*To protect the privacy of our Family, you won’t see or be able to contact the kids themselves. Makes sense, right?*