Let’s Chat Box


Sometimes it’s really hard for kids to start hard conversations, or maybe they just need to get something off their chest. It’s the perfect way for them to share their worries, or to tattle on a sibling, or just vent. Once you have the box, let the kids know to write you a note, fold it up and put it in the box for you to read later. Tell them that they can write whatever and that they can also say that they don’t want to talk about what they wrote down. Sometimes they just need to get things off their chest and say the words that are too hard too say. We suggest leaving a few “blank” notes in the box so it never looks empty as it will help kids feel more free to leave a note. It’s the perfect way to speak anonymously and safely without judgement.

The box locks with a key and comes with two keys for you to hide somewhere. (Be warned, you will get lots of joke notes and random thoughts, but that’s part of the fun of it. Kids are amazing, enjoy the nonsense notes and honour the serious ones).


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