Circle Home Plus – Monitor your kids internet access and protect them from unwanted content, along with setting up time limits and more.
Good Pictures Bad Pictures – The title of the book says it all and helps make those awkward conversations a little bit easier.
Keep Your Kids Safe Online – This book will give you some tips and tricks on how to stay ahead of the kids as they explore the internet and all of it’s wonders.
Angel Sense – In our world, many of us have kids that are runners or wanderers and we need to be able to track them for their own safety. This device and others like it give their caregivers peace of mind knowing that if someone wanders away, they can be easily found. Especially for the people that cannot speak or have diagnoses that inhibit them from communicating at all.
Multi-Charger Dock – Super handy to charge all of the kids devices at night while they’re supposed to be sleeping and not playing online.
Tile – Stick on tracking stickers so when your absent minded kids put down their phone or ipad, or another kid hides it from them just for fun, you can track them and get them back.
Tracking Clips – When you have absent minded children, big stuff goes missing, A LOT. This handy clips work perfectly for clipping inside backpacks and sport duffles to save you from having to replace stuff.