Family. Business. Learning. LOVE.

OUR WHY: Our journey has always been about kids, no matter where they come from, no matter what they’re going through and no matter who they are. We’ve always believed that we’re not here to replace a child's biological family but to show all of our kids a new normal. To give them new experiences and broader choices while building them up to be the best human beings that they can be. This family business will help us teach the kids the value of being on a team and working together to achieve a shared and attainable goal.

OUR WHAT: We decided that building a home based business from the ground up would be an awesome way to teach the kids a multitude of skills. They will be a part of every single aspect of this project including construction, packaging, labeling and selling. We will teach them about cost & loss, profit & reinvestment & completing something, even when it gets boring. This isn’t just something fun for the family to do together, this is a job with responsibilities and some earnings.

OUR HOPE: Is that the kids will leave here with the confidence that comes from being part of a successful project and a positive learning atmosphere. That they will have skills that look great on a resume and the experience to back them up. We may not come from the same place or have the same beliefs or share the same journey, but when the kids leave here, they will know that their differences don’t determine their value and that with a little bit of hard work and some focus that they can accomplish just about anything.

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